We provide different looks of applications for different industries and needs. Below is a selection of these filter elements, flow restrictors, flame arrestors but also pressure equalizers and silencers. We have a standard range to choose from, but we also develop special solutions so it  suit your business, system and requirements for cleanliness etc. Our filters can be used for both liquid and gas in different environments and conditions. With filters and other applications from Mott Corporation and Unislots, we have a wide range that allows us to operate in various parts, everything from microbreweries, fish farms to research and technical development in healthcare etc.

Precision filter element

With this separation method, the filter element removes solids from the medium to be filtered.

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Flow Restrictors

Provides laminar flow and precise control / regulation of gas or liquid flows.

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Flame arrestor

Prevents flammable gases from burning back to the source of supply by hardening / cooling the flame.

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Filter element



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Instrument filter

Protects critical instruments by providing maximum purity and optimal flow.

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Polymer filter

Removes cross-linked and gelled molecules that lead to filament breakage.

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Distribution device for gas / liquid interface.

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Absorbs liquids for spreading, removing or evaporating.

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Ventilation, breathers/pressure equalizers and silencers

Relieves, allows pressure equalization at the same time excluding contaminants. Sound attenuation / reduction.

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Disperses uniform gas in the particle bed.

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Inertial Gas Sampling (IGS) Filter

Makes it possible to take samples from different types of gas flows, even hot and very polluting.

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Our metal filters, filter tubes and sintered metal filters come from Mott Corporation and Unislots.

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