Flame Arrestor

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Mott sintered flame arresters protect people and equipment by preventing a flame from entering or leaving the equipment. These custom flame arresters enable precise control of the gas flow while providing mechanically sensitive media to smother the flame.

Flame arresters are safety devices that allow the flow of flammable gases while preventing ignition. The flame arrester prevents the flame from being transferred to different parts of a device by cooling or suffocating a flame or by dampening a combustion wave. It is designed to absorb and dissipate the heat from a flame under specific operating and flow conditions. Integration of Mott’s sintered treatment provides high strength and durability, which enables these critical units to function precisely.

Examples of areas where our flame protection is used

  • Process and analytical gas applications
  • Ventilation for explosion-proof cabinets
  • Pressure equalization for gas regulators for flammable gases
  • Handling of flammable gas samples during analysis and monitoring
  • Prevention of explosions when using welding torches
  • Prevention of ignition in gas clouds and ventilation of storage tanks
  • Prevent the spread of fire or explosions in the duct system and process pipes
  • Flame arrester for marina engines
  • Syrgastjänst – Special treatment available
  • Gasskåp and gas analyzers
  • Electrical cabinet

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