Inertial Gas Sampling (IGS) Filter

Stainless steel laboratory stand with an adjustable clamp.

Our IGS filters are made entirely of metal, and make it possible to sample almost any type of gas flow, even those that are very hot or polluted. The IGS filters are designed to offer long-lasting – and in many cases permanent – filtration. Common areas of use are in the analysis of mercury in emissions from coal-fired power plants and the analysis of greenhouse gases.

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All metal strength, plus cross flow efficiency – the IGS approach to gas filtration

Mott Inertial Gas Sampling (IGS) filters enable the collection of particle-free samples from virtually any gas stream, even those that are very hot or heavily contaminated. And unlike other gas filters that can quickly clog and need to be thrown away, Mott IGS filters are designed to offer long-term – in many cases permanent – filtration. Benefits of Mott’s exclusive IGS design include:

Continuous, clogging-resistant filtration

Mott IGS filters feature a cross-flow design that keeps most particles in the gas stream, greatly reducing filter element blockage. As a result, Mott IGS filters can operate without clogging for long periods of time, even when used with heavily contaminated gas streams*.

Rapid generation of highly purified samples

The high precision of Mott porous metal media, together with the development of a thin, dynamic membrane of superfine particles on the surface of the IGS filter element, effectively captures particles of all sizes and results in reliable, largely particle-free gas sampling. Additionally, IGS filters are designed with low internal volumes, so they produce fresh gas samples with minimal sample time.

High temperature tolerance

Depending on the material of construction, Mott IGS filters will withstand temperatures up to 1450°F/790°C in oxidizing atmospheres and up to 1700°F/930°C in reducing or neutral atmospheres. High corrosion resistance. For applications involving corrosive gases, Mott IGS filters can be constructed from specialty high strength materials such as nickel, Hastelloy® and Inconel® alloys.

High pressure tolerance

Unlike “soft” media, Mott porous metal can be used in high pressure applications with differential pressures well above 1000 PSID.

Fast, efficient, on-site cleaning

If excessive particles are allowed to form a denser membrane underside, on the surface of the filter element, removal can usually be achieved in seconds with a simple blowback – no shutdown or removal of the filter required.

Wide selection of materials

Mott offers the industry’s widest range of metals and alloys to provide chemical compatibility for virtually any application. Standard construction is usually 316L stainless steel, but Mott filters can also be made from a variety of other metals, including Inconel®, Monel®, Alloy 20, and Hastelloy®.

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