High-strength performance

Sintered metal consists of metal powder that is joined together under heat. This means that you get thousands of flow paths, which gives a more finely divided flow. For example in our sparger which are used for eg, injecting gas into liquid. In these, gas absorption increases by up to 300% and provides a faster flow and less gas use compared to traditional spreading techniques. Sintered metal has different materials and alloys to choose from as well as different degrees of density.

Whether you are flowing gas or liquid, Mott sintered metal is the proven, reliable, long-lasting medium for efficient particle collection, flow restriction, moisture dispersion and gas / liquid contact. For decades, users of alternative media such as fabric and polymer-based filters have switched to Mott for the various benefits that Mott sintered metal provides:

Monochrome texture resembling a crumpled surface or mineral formation.

Media Grade 0.2


This image appears to be a grayscale, textured sphere resembling a celestial body or a microscopic particle.

Media Grade 0.5


Black and white microscopic view of a cellular structure.

Media Grade 5


Monochrome microscopic texture resembling crumpled tissue paper or cellular structure.

Media Grade 20


Black and white microscopic image of a cell cluster.

Media Grade 100


Ordering filters with sintered metal

This principle sketch is used in dialogue about design as a measure and choice of material when ordering sintered metal filters. The principle sketch can be downloaded for printing.

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Technical diagram depicting the structure of an insulated joint used on railway tracks, with labels indicating various components such as the welding area, the insulating gap, and the types of rail materials involved.
Company logo of mott corporation, featuring bold white letters on a blue background.