We are specialized in supplying various types of metal filters to the manufacturing and process industries.

For more than 25 years we have been working with filtration for different kind of industries, this means that we have a broad and deep knowledge and experience of different types of filters and filtration for different types of businesses. Read more about what sintered metal can do for your business >.

Products for Filtering & Flow control

Spargers -drilled vs spargers with sintered metal

Examples of how our spargers work and make what is applied more finely divided in relation to others. These can be used in beverage production, to adjust the PH value in waterworks, fish farming, etc. Read more about our spargers and contact us how they can work and help you in your business >>>

Sintered Metal

Sintered metal is used in many different types of industries. From research in pharmaceuticals to microbreweries, fish farms and waterworks. Sintered metal is used in eg. to collect particles when flowing gas or liquids. Our products with sintered metal are available in different materials and alloys.

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Media grade (x100): 

Monochrome texture resembling a crumpled surface or mineral formation.


Black and white microscopic view of a cellular structure.


Black and white microscopic view of a cellular structure.


Monochrome microscopic texture resembling crumpled tissue paper or cellular structure.


Black and white microscopic image of a cell cluster.


Metallrör på vägg med en ventil märkt "luftkomp. inlopp - hästkrafter låst".

“Our spargers come from Metallfilter. We use them to drive carbon dioxide to the waterworks in Ystad to adjust the PH value. They work very well in our business. Metallfilter have good spargers and fast delivery. ”

Peter Svensson, Ystad Vattenverk


We supply metal filters to many different industries. Here is a selection of areas where you can read more about and different types of filtering.
Contact us and we will tell you more about how our metal filters work and how we can customize metal filters just for your needs.

Our metal filter comes from:

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