Flow restrictors and restrictors


Mott are experts in custom flow control devices, flow restrictors and restrictors who work extensively with structural engineers in all industries. The products replace drilled openings, capillary tubes and needle valves that wear out over time and produce inconsistent results. Mott has over 60 years of experience in adapting to critical application requirements. Their robust flow control design integrates sintered porous metal into hardware that does not require calibration and offers repeatable flow control time after time.


  • Tamper proof fixed flow control
  • Robust and durable materials
  • Larger surface area for low speed flow
  • Anti-clogging multi-pore technology
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Flexible design

Mott’s flow restrictors accommodate almost any flow requirement, with volumes greater than 1 standard cubic foot per minute (scfm) to 1 x 10 ̄⁶ standard cubic centimeters per second (scc/sec). Porous metal elements encased in sleeves measuring 1/4” or 1/8” outside diameter, or mounted within various standard fittings are also available.

Provides laminar flow and precise control / regulation of gas or liquid flows. Used in gas flows, ventilators, semiconductor tools, in healthcare such as anesthesia equipment, etc.

Examples of areas of use:

  • Flow control of liquid medicine
  • Gas is mixed into drinks
  • Safety devices on anesthesia machines
  • Flow control in gas chromatographs
  • Laminar flow element
  • Flow splitters
  • Calibrated leaks

Different designs for different areas of use:



Machined metal parts on a white background.


High purity


Healthcare & research

Assorted metal parts and components on a white background.

Medicinal supply of drugs

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